home-circle and germs of virtue


Okay, girlfriend Juliette Recamier marries some dude 30 years her senior, and the ONLY thing he has to say to his buddy is she has “germs of virtue.” NO, REALLY.

Récamier wrote, “I am not in love with her, but I feel for her a genuine and tender attachment which convinces me that this interesting creature will be a partner who will ensure the happiness of my whole life…I have no doubt that the benefit will be reciprocal …. She possesses germs of virtue and principle such as are seldom seen so highly developed at so early an age ; she is tender-hearted, affectionate, charitable and kind, beloved in her home-circle and by all who know her”

What’s up is, I’m about to get all the boys interested in my home-circle, so they’ll have LOTS to chat about during Sunday football. I’m talkin’ elle-oh-tee-ess LOTS.

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