gauguin chipotle.jpg

This is “Joyousness.” Be real: NOTHING about a Gauguin is joyous, unless it’s thrown away.

But, ugh, let’s take a second to deconstruct how absolutely amazing this work is:

  • Girl eating CHIPOTLE: I’m starting to realize where the title “Joyousness” came from. Also, babe, get clothed already.
  • Second girlfriend’s eyebrow: Brilliant. Goddamn brilliant.
  • Background idol worshipers: This group is like, better than brunch. It looks like the girl on the right’s breakin’ down a gosh darn yoga pose.

Let’s pause and discuss the reception of this work in the exhibition. Once Gauguin returned from his primitive vacay in Tahiti, his friends mocked the hell out of him for his stupid titles. They also made fun of the bright red dog in the foreground. Yo, Gauguin, this isn’t Clifford’s Big Adventure or anything like that, so let’s just chill.

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