okay, 2016.

SO GUYS. I’ve been probably (okay, ultimately!) the worst at, uh, actually attending art shows lately. But I’m getting better – I’m already scheduling myself to see not one, but two (two!) art shows this month.

The first one is “Eye Pop: The Celebrity Gaze” at the National Portrait Gallery. I’m all about embodying Katy Perry’s stare to approaching strangers (and, like, if I could get away with this outfit, I would), so it would make sense for me to want to go. I spend so much damn time looking at magazines while doing my very best half-attempt on the arc trainer though, that I have low hopes for this meeting “high art” expectations.


The second one is “Gauguin to Picasso: The Staechelin & Im Obersteg Collections at the Phillips. Though, UGH, I legitimately f’ing hate Paul Gauguin, I’m going to go. See, the thing is, I promised my mother I’d better at interacting with things I dislike…like blind dates and whiny children (though, please God, don’t let these be related).


PS: Katy represents 2016 idealized…Picasso’s Absinthe Drinker is 2016, realized.

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