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Hey, Tulla Larsen. LIGHTEN UP. You look so goddamn serious about a dance, and yeesh!, after researching this work, I’m starting to realize why.

Edvard Munch (moon-ck, btw) met Larsen in 1898. He’s 35, she’s 29. There’s a lot of issues with Munch, so I’ll spare you…but let’s just say, him being jealous probably a.) isn’t new, and b.) not surprising. Scholars seem to think this is less a tableau, and more a documentation of a woman experiencing ravaging lust and love.

Stage One (left): Girl in white, pretty, bored.
Stage Two (right): Girl in white, taken by a creep. Again, Munch’s jealousy enters strong here; scholarship believes the male counterpart is some playwright Larsen was apparently having an affair with.
Stage Three (center): Munch back with Larsen, dancing some angry tango I think I’ve seen on Dancing with the Stars (BACK MONDAY, MARCH 21ST!!!!) Also, how Kardashian is Munch’s ass?!
Stage Four (far right): Larsen, pissed af, jaded + slighted. It’s what you get for going out with Munch, Larsen.

But wait, the stuff gets better: Edvard Munch got shot in the left hand in an attempt to break up with Tulla Larsen. He always said his hand’d constantly reminded him of the “three wasted years” of his life. Baha, I always have that feeling of regret…but it’s usually about the large pile of candy wrappers I have on my desk after reading my horoscope.


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