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This is the Schuffenecker family. Gauguin hated them. Well, if I were Louise, I would feel the same right back. Go ahead, dude, paint me up in really miserable-looking heavy clothes, and give me that overbearing wedding ring: I still wouldn’t shut up about how annoyed I’d be to share my house with such an unbearable loser.

What’s even better is, scholarship suggests Gauguin tried to seduce her and faileddddd. So in addition to that awful outfit, Gauguin tries to add insult to injury by making her husband (and fellow contemporary artist Emile) look like a chump by featuring zero visual cues he was any sort of artist. That’s right–no brush, no bad beret, no nothing.

How cute are these kids as they comfort each other against Gauguin?

Strength in numbers.

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