not another one…

mette gauguin.jpg

So, we have another crisis. I’m gonna put it right alongside Britney circa 2007 and world hunger. I found another Gauguin work I don’t despite with every fiber of my being.

People ask me all the time, “Why do you hate Gauguin so much?” And I’m like, I just do. I don’t ask why your facial hair is actually ridiculous. I don’t ask why you’re wearing that jean jacket with that terrible lasercut skirt.

Mette Gauguin en Robe du Soir (French makes it even more tolerable!) was painted in 1884, years before he met van Gogh and became a high school girl gossiping at his locker with Emile Bernard about other painters. It’s also an early work of his career, so I like how this piece is more subtle in its colors. Another sign of this being early is how his woman subject is, uh, wearing clothes.

Mette was his wife who gave him (count ’em) FIVE CHILDREN. They separated after she cited their “difference in values.”

Way to go, Mette! I’m glad you recognized a sucker when you see one.

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