europe bridge


Move over, Rainy Day! There’s a new favorite Caillebotte in town.

On the Europe Bridge is from 1876, and was exhibited with the third Impressionist exhibition in the spring of 1877. Monet tag-teamed this train station theme and displayed seven of his Gare Saint-Lazare paintings. (FYI: The GSL is one of the busiest train stations in Paris.)

Lots of Salon critics and scholarship applaud Caillebotte’s attention to the geometrical aspects of the bridge. Even Emile Zola goes ahead and says,

“Caillebotte, a young painter who shows the greatest of courage and does not shrink from tackling modern subjects life-size.”

What’s funny is, when I read this quote, I can really only think of this:Caillebotte_BackstreetBoys.jpg


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