In case you were worried, me avoiding Gauguin should not lead you to the conclusion that I’ve had a change of heart or something.

Please! It’s like when you check Instagram feed of an ex, and realize, “yep, they still suck.” That’s me and Gauguin: I’m trying, but his stuff still rears its ugly head.

Gauguin’s Four Breton Women is, as you’d expect, is a boring work of art from Gauguin’s time in Pont-Aven. These chicks look just as annoyed as I would be had Gauguin continued to creep around as I try and analyze the actions of my fella with my ladies.

I will give Gauguin credit (I mean, slightest bit of credit) for capturing the total distress of the girl on the right. I mean, are those her shoes in her hand? 

Killing it.


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