david’s henrietta

Henriette de Verninac Jacques Louis David.jpg

Henriette de Verninac was Eugene Delacroix’s older sister. Eighteen years his senior, Henriette had to take care of him after their mother died.

First of all, being the oldest is tough. But then, after both her parents died, the Delacroix family went into major debt thanks to their attorney who squirreled away most of the money. When I say most, they went from being worth a million today to being several million in debt.*


Good thing Jacques-Louis David painted her before she went all broke ‘n stuff.

*Note: I’m actual rubbish at determining inflation; I usually just text my dad “How much would 800,000 francs in 1815 be worth today?” and he responds with a sensational number. I consistently applaud his intelligence.

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