fortune teller


Did you know that there are two versions of Caravaggio’s Fortune Teller? Yep. One’s in Rome, one’s in Paris. The one above is in Rome’s Capitolini Museum, and the one below’s in the Louvre.


Although Rome’s Fortune Teller boy is more “girl, please!” about the impending doom of his future, but both have their femmes straight up running off with his rings!

Saucy chicks.

Also, great story on the model: Caravaggio’s all “Oh yeah, I’m so good at painting nature than I can pick anyone out of the streets to paint!” (He said, “nature’s given me an abundance of masters.” Ay yai yai).

I also LOVE the top painting more because it was owned by Vincenzo Giustinianionly my favorite patron of Caravaggio. Dude owned this, this, and this (psst: NSFW).

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