Jeanne Goupil


My birthday was last week, and I started to think to myself, hmm, let’s be more open to things I used to despise. I dunno, something with the President-Trump-vernacular (plus the whole shutting down arts programming, period) has me like, yeah, let’s start fresh.

Anyway, I started thinking I should seriously (seriously!) reconsider Paul Gauguin’s work. And every though I can’t–like, legit, can not–support any of his personal choices or history, I say I don’t quite loathe this portrait Jeanne Goupil.

Maybe it’s less Gauguin’s talent, and more just Jeanne’s hair is on point, and that puffy sleeve has really stood the test of time.

I heard some Trump rally dumbo interviewed on NPR this morning, and she said, “Y’know, I really support his giving 110%, because if he gets even 75% back, what is there to lose?”

Uh, 35%, duh. Well, similarly, I’ll pretend I gave it all to support Gauguin and I’m gettin’ a bit back on these blunt bangs.


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