marriage license


Norman Rockwell painted The Marriage License for the June 11, 1955, cover of The Saturday Evening Post. Turns out, Rockwell not only used familiar locations around his town of Stockbridge, MA (like the clerk’s office in this scene), but also models familiar (and related to!) his work.

The seated gent in Marriage License was Jason Braman. He was married to the model Rockwell used for Happy Birthday Miss Jones (seen here). Cute, right? The couple in the painted were actually engaged (!!!). Rockwell gave the work to them as a wedding present; in 1983, they donated it to the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Rockwell was very into documenting his subjects being staged, and took photos of everything in his scenes to study + perfect them later in his studio (even a photo of the cat that’s underneath Braman’s seat).

Usually being that detail-oriented is a pain, am I right?!



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