come on, louis.

10-Gauguin-avenida de clichy Paris-1889.jpg

So there’s not really much to say other than Louis Anquetin’s “Avenue de Clichy” is a big, fat phony of an artwork.

Is that too much? Fine. I’ll utilize appropriated here.

Louis Anquetin’s “Avenue de Clichy” is a raging example of appropriation.

Let’s start with composition: Vincent van Gogh’sCafe Terrace at Night” is almost exact in both style, layout, and color.

How about characters: Pretty apparent Anquetin studied Georges Seurat’s “Afternoon on the Grande Jatte” because hello, look at that woman facing the left of the painting! They’re like twins.

No, but really, more characters: No surprise, either, Anquetin’s lookin’ to Toulouse-Lautrec, either. I say this for two reasons: One, he’s totally pulling from a Moulin Rouge dancer with that chick hiking her dress up in the rain, and two, that cropped face in the bottom right?? Couldn’t be more blatantly borrowed from Henri if we tried.

At least we know now who was the science nerd doing all the homework for the Post-Impressionist jocks, amirite? Raise your hand, Louis. And stop trying so hard.


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