progress of love, pt. 1

lover crowned.jpg

Fragonard was commissioned by Madame Du Barry to do a series called “The Progress of Love.”

Madame Du Barry was the grand mistress of Louis XV (reminder: XV was the penultimate King of France before his grandson XVI ruined…well, everything royal…with the French Revolution).

Barry was also gifted the most sensational diamond necklace by same guy, who died before its ultimate finish, which sucks because she didn’t even get to keep it: She was of course banished by his grandson, Louis XVI.

Things don’t end up well for Barry: She ends up both banished by Louis XVI and without an incredible diamond necklace (it was a huge scandal, called simply “The Affair of the Necklace,” which…so boring).

Before all that bad news, however, is this gorgeous “The Lover Crowned.” I’m so obsessed. I can’t wait to drape a man in a goddamn laurel as if to say, “”I PHYSICALLY CROWN YOU WITH MY LOVE.”

What a pair we’d make…just don’t banish me without diamonds.

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