swipe right

Can we chat about Arnold Bocklin for a second? I mean, this guy had some legitimate selfies in the nineteenth century worth examining….

Arnold Böcklin (1827 - 1901), Selbstportrait (1873).jpg

Like this one. Smart, pensive, a little portly, but still relatively handsome. I’d swipe right for that.


This one I’m less fond of. Are you at the theater? The three-piece suit’s a little much even for 1855. Like, come on dude, everyone knows you know shit about wine. But it looks like you enjoy the theater–not to mention carbs–so I’ll still take you up on dinner and a show.


HELLO, there is a legit SKELETON PLAYING THE VIOLIN and I’d still swipe harder on this dude than literally anyone standing in front of a gym mirror.

Is there an Arnold Bocklin circa 2018 I can hang around town with? One request: Leave the skeleton musicians at home, plz.

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