dang, judith!


What if women gave up the idea of revenge bodies and just went for total annihilation of their exes?

I mean, Judith thought so (jk, Holofernes wasn’t an ex, but a total creep).

Holofernes was all about Judith being a bombshell babe, but he also had plans to destroy her city. Girlfriend wasn’t about to let that happen, so she gets him wasted, he passes out, and then she cuts off his damn head.

In typical iconography, Judith rolls with her maid squad to distinguish her from Salome, another distinguished decapitator (she’s the one who ordered John the Baptist’s head on a silver platter, and girl got her wishhhh).

So while revenge bodies are legit (and also keep us out of, well, trials for murder), there’s something to be said about how they kept it simple “life and death” terms back then.

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