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Cangiante is the third installation in this series on Italian Renaissance painting styles. WAHOO!

Michelangelo‘s Sistine Chapel is a particularly miraculous example of cangiante (it’s Italian for “change”). It means to use lots of tints and shades of color, even if it means using different colors completely to achieve a realistic shadow. For example, mixing red into the shadow of yellow to make it appear darker on canvas (or, in this case, plaster).

Note: I’ve already covered this, but ICYMI: The Prophet Isaiah, pictured above, was the influence behind Norman Rockwell‘s Rosie the Riveter. 

Boom! Drop that tidbit on a girl over burgers tomorrow and see what happens!

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rosie and isaiah


Rosie the Riveter stands on Hitler’s Mein Kampf during her lunch break while Michelangelo’s Isaiah from the Sistene Chapel nonchalantly acknowledges what is a very possessed angel. Same sitting pose (three cheers for art appropriation!), but Rosie wins this contest, hands down.

I mean, obviously, she had me at those muscles alone, but don’t even get me STARTED on those loafers. *swoon*

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