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Raphael thought Leonardo da Vinci’s colors were boring, and while Raphael isn’t the most popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Italian painter, he’s definitely on to something.

Enter unione. It’s basically the same as sfumato in its hazy smokiness, but with much more vibrant color. I like to think of it as seeing something full price one day, and on sale the next: similar, just better.

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Happy Friday, party people! I hope you’ll catch this series’ second post while you’re still at bars serving twofer Fireball shots, so you can impress all interns just a bar booth away!

Sfumato comes from the Italian word sfumare, meaning “shaded off.” It creates a smoky haziness that blends colors without the appearance of brushstrokes. Leonardo da Vinci is best-known for using sfumato in the facial features of Mona Lisa, as well as other works.

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