show ’em some leg

caravaggio mount of olives.jpg

I’m spending a lot of time on this Mount-Olive-in-chiaroscuro thing lately, but HELLO, how can I not with this Caravaggio piece? Just look a the leg Peter’s showing while Christ goes off on him sleeping during prayer. I mean, you look like a goddamn Odalisque at this point, Pete! (Have no idea what I’m talking about? Educate yourself: Renoir’s here and Ingres’ NSFW one here. Y’welcome.)

What’s really great about this work is it was in Vincenzo Giustiniani’s collection, which I wrote my thesis about. Basically this guy took every seductive work rejected from the Church during the Council of Trent, and like, held it for safe-keeping (incl. a bunch of naked, alluring, and androgynous-lookin’ angels). Bah ha, way to go, Vince! Makes super sense to have this sultry leg in the collection.

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