oh god.

mount of olives.jpg

So, I adore Caravaggio. He’s smoldering, mysterious, and a criminal…nearly everything I look for in a man. So it’s not doubt that when he flees Rome to Naples in the early 1600s, he’s gonna get a bunch of admirers, like Battistello Caracciolo. Caracciolo steals adapts a very similar painting style, seen here in “Christ on the Mount of Olives.”

This narrative is from the Gospel of Matthew, where Christ takes disciples to pray but they fall asleep on him. Oh, right, except Judas, because he’s all about selling out to some Roman soldiers for that money.

Christ looks absolutely miserable; prolly ‘cuz that angel’s telling him not about the crucifixion, but actually because there’s three more days of the work week ahead.

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